Providence Home Warranty


First and Foremost, Thank You! Thank you for purchasing a Providence Home. We hope you are enjoying your new home and all it has to offer. When homes are newly built, they will normally have items needed for adjustment and/or repair. Homes are built using various materials and systems that were built and installed by various humans throughout construction. Additionally, a new home will settle, expand, and contract during the season changes. While every attempt was made to ensure your home was delivered with no issues, some can only be discovered once you are actively living in the home.

To address eligible items, we require all requests be sent to us via the form below. If you have questions on submitting the form, please call us at 480-655-0560. We are glad to assist.

Types of Requests:

  • Emergency Request
  • 60 Day Request
  • 11 Month Request

Emergency Requests are rare but require immediate attention. Examples include climate control failure, dangerous electrical, a roof leak, sever water heater issue, and plumbing/flooding. Please contact 480-655-0560 for an emergency request. If unavailable or after hours, please listen to the recording for the corresponding emergency mobile number for your community.

A 60 Day Request encompasses items that have been discovered, are not an emergency, not cosmetic, and are truly not functioning as intended. An example would be a small leak at the hose bib or an electrical outlet without power..

An 11 Month Request addresses any eligible items including one-time touch-ups such as drywall settlement cracks. Many of the warranties on your home expire at twelve months. Ensuring this request is submitted timely is very important.


Once items are deemed eligible, we will normally schedule an inspection/assessment appointment. These appointments are scheduled Monday thru Friday from 7 am – 4 pm. Please keep in mind that these are not always necessary. Next, the repair or touch up will be scheduled. This also occurs Monday thru Friday from 7 am – 4 pm and could require multiple visits. After the work is complete, please alert us immediately of any issues with the work performed.

Request Your Warranty

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